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10 Things I Learned About Article Marketing

10 Things I Learned About Article Marketing

 10 Things I Learned In 2010 About Article Marketing

I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on article marketing strategies and how to write powerful content that sells over the years, but I am always learning. Always testing and tweaking. So these are a few things that I’ve realized that I know for sure about article marketing – which were especially powerful over the last year.

1. Good SEO is the #1 Factor Which Determines Article Marketing Success

I ruffle a lot of feathers when I talk about article marketing and search engine optimization(SEO) in the same sentence:) Yet the truth of the matter is – is that I have learned after years of writing and publishing articles that the ones that gave me the best return, the more qualified traffic, and the highest conversion were the articles that were well optimized.

Keyword research is critical. Articles optimized for keywords that real people were searching for in my marketplace gave me the best results. When I made that change and did more of it this past year, I saw a tremendous change in the traffic to my websites and ultimately profits in my business.

2. Well Optimized Article Titles Are Extremely Important

If I have to pick one area of an article to focus the SEO factor on, it would be the article titles. Hands down. If you have an article that contains a well optimized, keyword rich, title – and there aren’t two million other webpages competing for the same keyword phrase – your article will get ranked and ranked highly in the search engines. Get the title wrong – and you’ve simply taken up space on the web!

3. You Should Cross-link Related Articles More Often

If you own a blog, you probably do this already, but you may not do this with your article submissions to other sites and directories. Referring to and linking to articles that you have already published, on your site, within an article that you are currently writing is a great way to drive people to your site and keep them reading. Search engines and 3rd party site owners also love this because you are referring to another “related resource” on the topic of your article. I did more of this and saw a much better “bounce rate” on my site.

4. Repurposing Articles Is A Passive Income Goldmine

You can write articles and try other traffic generation techniques all day, everyday, but what does all this traffic do when they arrive to your site? Hopefully they are converting into sales, customers, clients. But with all this work on traffic generation, who has time to create products? This can happen much quicker and easily if you create passive streams of income with content that you have already written. Take your articles and repurpose them into reports, courses, ebooks, and more. But really do it this year!

5. People Love To Read Numbered Lists

This isn’t scientific by any means, but I’ve learned over the past year that people favor reading my “numbered list” articles. More views. More clicks. If there is one format that you want to get started with in article marketing – it’s the numbered list. The Top Ten List, etc. People love ‘em!

6. People Know Less Than I Thought About Article Marketing

It’s so easy for me to get caught up with my own article marketing growth that I forget that what I think people already know is not necessarily so. First of all, I attract new article marketers – so nothing is really “old hat” for them. And my intermediate marketers always need basic training, because a lot of them make errors and sloppy mistakes. Finally – I’ve learned that I should never assume what folks in my marketing niche know and neither should you. Always train from A to Z and let people fall in where they want.

7. People Will Pay For Articles That I Write For Free

People can pay to have my articles delivered to their Kindles on Amazon, and believe it or not, I have many subscribers. People will pay for convenience – as long as the information is good. Remember that when writing your articles. Write good quality stuff, content that people may be willing to pay for, and people will.

8. The First Paragraph Is More Important Than You Think

I remember when I first stumbled onto article marketing. I knew the resource box or “bio box” was important. I knew I had to write something people wanted to read, but I don’t think I ever realized how important the first paragraph was.

The first paragraph content is heavily looked at by the search engines to determine what the topic of the article is. The first paragraph is a great place to put a keyword rich link. The first paragraph is above the fold, and truth be told, you only have a few seconds to hold the attention of the reader. If the first paragraph isn’t compelling, statistics prove that people will go elsewhere. So engage the reader and add a little good SEO and you readers should gradually become loyal fans.

*The one caveat is that you have to check the submission guidelines of directories and blogs to see if they permit an internal or external link.

9. Building Up Article Suspense Is Great Marketing

This is where social media really helps us to promote our new articles if you use it properly. I learned that people clicked more on my articles when I created a small measure of “suspense” around them. I let people know on Twitter and Facebook that I am writing the article. I may talk about what it’s about. I may even make a comment on what I’m drinking while writing or the music I’m listening to – then I’ll send out a tweet or update which includes a link when I’ve published the article.

10. Article Marketing Is An Essential Part Of Growing A Digital Empire In 2011

One of the biggest things that I’ve learned is that the publishing world is changing and epublishing is becoming a larger and greater part of that world. This is exciting for writers and marketers like us. It means that our articles, our content, can begin to reach a much larger global audience — all with the ease of a click of a mouse, and we would be leaving money on the table if we do not take advantage that this year. I hope you join me!

10 Things I Learned About Article Marketing

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