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How to Impress Google with Great Content

How to Impress Google with Great Content

How to Impress Google with Great Content

Before you delve into the real meat of your article, you need an outline to follow. It doesn’t have to be too detailed, but it should give you a rough direction to follow. Focus on “scan-ability” – the ability of your blog post to be scanned easily. Readers have short attention spans and they enjoy being able to digest large quantities of information quickly. That’s why you find so many “lists” in blogging. Help them out by dividing your post up into smaller paragraphs with informative headlines and sub-headings.

If you start with an outline, you can divide your post up easily into smaller segments that attract readers.

An outline will also keep you from rambling on or getting distracted with different tangents. Stay on topic – write an outline first!

Provide Value

This may be the most obvious part about creating great content, but unfortunately it’s also one of the most forgotten. People read blogs because they want to learn something. That’s why posts involving “how-to” guides are so popular and why you always see the words “tips”, “tricks”, “strategies”, and “secrets” in headlines around the internet. If you’re not teaching people something, you’re wasting everyone’s time.

Now, don’t worry about your skills too much. The internet is full of users of all experience levels. If you only know the basics, teach the basisc of your topic. There will be people who will benefit from it. But don’t ramble on about nothing. Always ask yourself – what will a reader be learning by reading this post?

Add a Twist

Writing informative content will give you a good blog. But we want a GREAT blog! Getting to the top of Google rankings is hard work. Sadly, writing informative content alone won’t get you there. You need to add a twist or a hook. With the massive amounts of content on the web it’s impossible that you’re the first person ever to write about any given topic. You need a different way to set yourself apart. That’s why you add a twist.

One of the popular ways to add a twist to your content is to be controvertial. Take a stance on a popular topic that not everyone will agree with. Show how established ways of doing things in any given industry may actually be incorrect.

Write “how-not-to” articles. Other ways include references to pop-culture, comparing two unrelated topics like “How Blogging is like a Four Course Meal”, or even how to use something common in a completely new way.

Additional Tips

Here are a few more ways to make your content stand out:

    • Share it everywhere. While content is king, backlinks still count too! And even more important than that, you can’t forget about traffic! You need all of those to really get Google’s attention
    • Keep it short. Take the opportunity to break it into multiple posts if you need to. Being scannable is still boring when your content takes 4 pages to get to the point.
    • Stop self-promoting yourself. Yes, that’s redundant. It’s also not attractive. Don’t do it in your posts. You want to come across as authentic, not overly self-promotional.
    • Encourage the participation of your readers. Ask them to comment on what you’ve written and respond to their comments!
    • Spell correctly and use proper grammar. While we’re not all experts, too many errors will really turn your readers off.

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In the end, Google is just a robot. It won’t actually know what your blog is trying to say. It judges your content by analyzing many factors – one of which is the reaction it gets from the public. So remember – always write for people first. If you keep this in mind, you have a great shot at becoming the next blogging all-star!

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