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Our Services

We are also open to special requests small tasks


We assist your business with various WordPress tasks, from WordPress installations, content updates, featured images, Seo Audits, onpage seo etc.


We also assist with Facebook, twitter and Instagram cover photos. Facebook Ads, shares and posts and pixel installations.


We assist in plugin updates, plugin installs, empty cache plugin, recommend best plugins etc.

Our features


Time Utilization Skills

We help all types of online businesses with time efficient WordPress projects and solutions.


How does rival desk work

Enjoy constant fixes and improvements to your open source WordPress project, thanks in part to our knowledgeable Rival Desk team members.

Premier Hands on Service

We have teams that are experts in each of the service areas that we offer, and we optimize these teams to do tasks efficiently, and with great quality.


Amazingly responsive

Rival Desk is here for any of your questions and concerns. We take pride in our customer service response time.


Less plugins needed

We recommend the best plugins for your specific issue. We take value in helping to eliminate multiple unnecessary plugins on your website.


Ways That We Can Help

We can fix small issues via your request and improve your site in a number of ways.

We Can Help With...

Design 50%
Content 100%
Frontend 100%
Backend 80%

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